Optical emission spectrometry Lab

Quantometry lab is one of the majure laboratories in the RASF. This section poses very modern and advanced equipments, tools and accessories for chemical analysis of a wide range of metals and its alloys. This is by optical emission spectrometry method. All testing oparation conducted by our experts and according whit international standards or those demanded by our clients.

Quantometer’s lab of the RASF has a very advanced portable quantometer. This is for nondestructive analysis of heavy section parts outside of the RASF. Our portable PMI master smart chemical analysis has 7 metals basis: Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Ti, Sn and Co. In addition to this capability it is possible to determines elements of N, p, S, B, in steels basis. This test perform with very high accuracy, and short time.

A brief examples of our testing are:

Chemical analysis of ferrous metals and alloys:

  • a wide range of steels and cast-irons.
  •  non-ferrous metals and alloys: Cu. Al, Ti, Mg, Sn, Zn, Pb,…
  •  super alloys, Ni and Co bases.

and Nondestructive chemical analises.

This analises perform according to standards:

ASTM E415, ASTM E634, ASTM E716, ASTM E1010, ASTM E1086, ASTM E1251, ASTM E1019, IN EN15079